Free Intro Course on Market Profile & Auction Market Trading by Tom Alexander


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An Introduction to Auction Market Trading

and Market Profile


Tom Alexander has created a series of video training sessions which are representative of  what he has learned over the past 30 years as a trader, as well as how he trades.


In this free course, Tom covers the basics of his trading method with solid training content.


Here Are The Video Training Sessions You Will See:


  • Basic Principles of Auction Market Trading
  • What is Positive Expectancy in Trading and How Do You Create It
  • The Market Profile Graph
  • Two Sample Trade Lessons with Detailed Illustrations of How I Trade
  • Building a Trading Plan—What is Involved in this Process
  • You will soon see that Tom Alexander has had a lifetime passion for trading.  You will also discover how serious he is about investing himself in your skill building to become an advanced trader.


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