About Alexander Trading

We are trading educators specializing in a specific methodology. The popular term for our methodology is “Market Profile”. The more accurate description of what we do is to teach traders a market worldview of how markets work through the lens of Auction Market Principles.

We provide training courses in the form of a series of workshops that are accessible online.

We provide Memberships for futures/commodity traders and another membership for stock/ETF traders. These memberships include daily reports on market opportunities. They include regular Trade Lessons and Educational Webinars. They include website accessible resources that support and are consistent with our training and Memberships.

Our Target Customers

The resources we provide include analysis of markets and individual assets (futures, stocks, ETFs). This analysis can be, and is, used by both professional traders and retail traders. It is used by option traders, professional money managers, stock/ETF traders, commodity traders as well as FOREX traders. It is valid across all time frames and is used across the entire spectrum of trading time – from very short term scalpers to swing traders and long-term investors. It is an extraordinarily robust methodology

Why is Alexander Trading Relevant?

Unlike 90+% of the stuff traders attempt to use it works. We work with the trader to prove it works. We provide the tools and challenge (encourage) each trader to disprove our work.

We are providing the trader with a base methodology and the detail of the logic behind it. We provide the trader with multiple resources to enhance their knowledge and a template to develop a Trade Plan using the methodology that fits their experience level, goals and aptitude. We provide constant support through the resources in our memberships. We are very consistent with our approach and our resources are congruent across the board.

What Separates Alexander Trading from the Rest?

1) Experience: I, Tom Alexander, have been trading in front of a screen for 30 years. I don’t think it is possible to have more screen based trading experience because when I began trading the internet had not gone public and you could really only have the resources to trade from a screen unless you were a broker or institutional trader.

I have worked as a broker (stocks and commodities/futures). I have owned my own futures/commodities brokerage firm (institutional). I have been an institutional trader as well as private trader for both myself and others. My experience includes partnership in a hedge fund and hedge fund consulting.

My trading education business is in its eleventh year. I have clients that have been with me the entire time. That is quite unusual in the Trading Education space. I have studied not only trading, but how to most effectively teach others how to trade.

I am the author of “Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile”, first published in 2008. It has been shipped and read all over the world. I just authored an E-book, “Trading Without Crutches: Trading Stocks and ETFs using the Market Profile Graph and Auction market Principles”.

2) Robustness of our Methodology: We teach a methodology that is based in sound logic, that is consistent and objective. It is a methodology to which rigor can be applied – one can test their specific application of the methodology and prove it works, or not. It can be used to trade all assets in all time frames.

This is a methodology that cannot be “outgrown”; no matter how sophisticated or experienced the trader, there is value in

3) Depth and Breadth of Our Resources: We provide an ever expanding library of resources to our clients that are consistent and supportive. We are not offering a smorgasbord of every technical approach on the market; we are “tight” and consistent.

4) We Promote Trading Realistically: We do not tell traders they are going to get rich quick. We promote trading as a worthy endeavor, whether professional or just as a serious trader, that must be approached as other similar professions. It takes hard work, study and practice to reach one’s potential as a trader. That potential varies from trader to trader.