About Tom Alexander

Tom AlexanderMeet Tom Alexander, the founding partner of Alexander Trading.


Alexander Trading was founded in 2003 as a trading and research firm serving both institutional and retail investors and traders. Tom has 34 years of trading experience, and actively trades stocks, options futures and commodities. Within the trading industry Tom has been a stockbroker, commodities broker and owned a commodities/futures brokerage firm. He has been a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor). He has also been involved with institutional trading and advising. He traded large private accounts for over ten years. He has been published in several well-known trading magazines, and is frequently quoted by Reuters, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. He is the author of Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile ™. He has traded through market crashes (1987, 2008), financial crises (1998), bull markets (1990′s), bear markets (early 2000′s) and wars (Gulf and Iraq). He has learned the only constant in the markets is change, and he has been able to successfully adapt his trading methodology to a broad range of market conditions. Tom has spent his entire twenty-eight year career as a screen-based trader and is intimately familiar with all screen-based tools and techniques.

Trading Without Crutches-cover-3d-whiteTom has been working with other traders to improve their trading for twenty years, and on a formal basis for the past ten years. There are few, if any, in the trading education space that have the screen based trading experience Tom possesses. Screen based trading is very different from floor trading, trading in an institutional setting, market making, administration and a myriad of other tangentially related positions in the trading industry that are often lumped in with “trading” and counted as experience. Tom has extensive experience in working with traders from all backgrounds and levels of experience. One of his strengths is his ability to identify the most effective ways to communicate and teach his methodology to the various levels of experience of his clients, and according to the differences in aptitude and personalities involved.