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Auction Market Principles

Auction Market Principles refer to the development process all markets follow, in all time frames.

  • The purpose of an Auction Market is to facilitate trade
  • The trade facilitation process involves a rotational price discovery process during which a range of relative VALUE is established by the market participants themselves, as opposed to a VALUE concept determined by an outside the market metric
  • This process creates opportunities that can at times be clearly identified

It cannot be overstated how powerful this worldview of markets, and how they develop, can be. Nothing is more objective or consistent than learning how to analyze and trade markets with this methodology.

Auction Market Principles enable the individual to become his/her own expert. The psychological benefits of thoroughly understanding the “what and why” of market behavior are also a unique by-product of this methodology.

Auction Market Principles lend themselves as a base model for building an unlimited number of models for Trading Plans and strategies including stocks, options futures commodities and FOREX.

“The processes of Auction Market Development are in effect in all degrees of Market Development, all the time and in all assets. This fact makes this methodology extraordinarily robust and invaluable to the trader.”