Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile

Published in 2006, Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile has been read by traders worldwide. It is the first book on the concept of Market Profile that details the evolution of the initial concept posited by Peter Steidlmayer and puts the pieces together among the works of Steidlmayer, Don Jones and the books on the subject by James Dalton. It explains the foundational concepts and distills them into practical strategies based on logic and validity. Traders of any experience level will benefit from the information in this book.

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Trading Without Crutches

What is “Trading Without Crutches” going to do for you?
This book is going to give you a specific trading methodology that can provide a basis for any Trade Plan that fits your goals and style of trading. Trading Without Crutches will outline the basis for the most incredible and robust trading methodology in existence. It shows specific trade set-up across time frames from five minutes ideally suited for day traders to long-term/intermediate term ideally suited to investors and swing traders. It is a radically different approach to trading stocks and ETFs, and it will touch on how to use the methodology to improve trade selection for options traders.

Trading Without Crutches describes a specific methodology based on a unique worldview of how markets (all markets and all individual assets) develop – including how, when, where and why. It is uniquely robust. I refer to “robust” in the meaning of applying to any asset, asset class or security and all time frames. Trading Without Crutches does not require special software, indicators/oscillators or hyper-fast trading platforms. It does require a very different worldview of how markets develop and why they develop they way they do. It can dramatically focus and simplify your trading. It can be used as the basis for innumerable Trade Plans, goals or style of trading. It is ideally suited for options traders because it answers the three most important questions an option trader must know:

  • Direction
  • Market Condition (trend)
  • Probability of a sharp move
  • Trading Without Crutches allows the trader to throw away all the gimmicks and crutches and to learn a methodology that is based on logic, and that is consistent and objective… It is a trader’s methodology.

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