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What is different about Alexander Trading from other trading educators/mentors?


First, we have more experience that matters. I have twenty-eight years of screen based trading experience. The time I have spent in front of a trading experience is an invaluable resource to my clients. I have traded – actively – every market phase and condition of the past twenty-eight years that includes the equity markets heading into and through the 1987 stock market crash, and every bull/bear market and “crash” (there hasn’t been anything like 1987 – yet) since. All of this trading has occurred in front of a screen.


Additionally, everyone that works with Alexander Trading is an experienced trader and has been trained by me. We are not a team of internet entrepreneurs; we are traders.


We are consistent, disciplined and focused. We are not teaching a smorgasbord of technical analysis and fundamental analysis techniques. We teach what we know and what we trade. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of time experimenting to find something that works. We’ve seen it, tried it and traded it. If any of the dozens of techniques including magical indicators, numerology, Fibonacci, candlestick, EW, etc., etc., worked we would use it. It doesn’t.


We don’t sell software. We don’t sell indicators. We are “selling” a valid trading methodology and more importantly, our ability to effectively teach that methodology to others. That’s it, period.


We realize that when almost all traders begin trading they are bombarded with short-cuts promising success through some sort of indicator, special software, trading platform or money management gimmick, and we realize this sells spectacularly well. We also know none of that can replace a sound methodology and strategies and tactics based on that methodology. We can save you a small fortune in avoiding the expense of all the magic everyone else insists you need to become an effective trader.


Our interests are aligned with yours. Because we only “sell” our ability to teach you to trade we need for you to succeed! We have been in business for ten years because we do what we say we are going to do; give traders what they need to reach their goals and teach them how to apply the methodology we have developed and that we trade every day.


How do you use the Profile graph?


We use it as a tool. The profile graph is NOT a trading system. We use it to help analyze the market through the lens of Auction Market Principles. It can be a very effective and valuable resource when it is properly used.


What is the difference between Market Profile and Auction Market Principles?


Market Profile is a unique charting format that displays data in a manner that highlights activity more from the perspective of what occurs on the horizontal scale of the chart rather than the vertical scale like most other charting formats.


Auction Market Principles are a worldview of how markets develop. They are objective, robust and can be used in an infinite number of ways by traders and investors to trade any market and any time frame. Auction Market Principles is not “techinical” analysis, nor are they “fundamental” analysis. Auction Market Principles are far more objective and robust than either of those forms of analysis.




How Do I Update My Credit Card Info?


If your credit card information expires for an ongoing subscription, you may lose access to your content. You can update your credit card information by following the steps in the video below.


Note: If you paid offline and were given access by our office, please contact our office to update your credit card information. Phone: 573-224-3366


How Do I Switch / Upgrade My Membership?


Our site allows you to add multiple subscriptions to your account. You may also unsubscribe from any product purchased directly on our site at any time. In some cases, you may want to upgrade or switch an existing membership rather than adding. For example: our Market Analysis membership has 3 tiers and you may want to upgrade from Market Analysis I to Market Analysis II or III rather than adding it as another subscription.


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How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you have paid through our website you can Cancel your subscription by going to My Account. As long as you paid online, there should be an “unsubscribe” button below each Subscription on your account.


If you paid offline and were given access by our office, please contact our office to cancel. Phone: 573-224-3366


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