The Alexander Trading Auction Market Options Membership

PLEASE NOTE: in order to join this membership you MUST have already completed our options trading course

The AT Options Membership is a monthly service that provides actionable, on-going education on how to apply option strategies using Auction Market Principles.

Using Auction Market Principles to identify trade opportunities we teach the proper way to select and apply the appropriate option strategy with the highest expectancy. No single option strategy will fit all market conditions, rather it is the market condition that dictates the appropriate option strategy.

Our program distills much of the complexity of options by providing specific reasoning behind the selection of the option strategy, strikes and expiration. We discuss how to set stops and trade targets based on market conditions. We also provide live training on trade execution at the tactical level.

Features of the monthly membership include:

Live DAILY sessions
A focus on opportunity using stock indexes (SPX, RUT), stocks and ETFs, futures and commodity options.
Proprietary analytical tools: we provide specific written strategy guides and specially formulated analytic methods that are designed for our methodology.
An options traders Member Forum that is always open and provides the opportunity for members to collaborate, ask questions and post ideas. In addition, live and hypothetical trades are tracked and reported in the forum.

Our webinars and reports are recorded and archived in the Options Trader’s Forum.

The membership is supported by Allen Spore and Tom Alexander.

It’s a great value at 97.00/month. (Prerequisite: Must complete Options Course)
Cancel at any time. No partial refunds.