The Alexander Trading Membership

The gist of the Membership is that it provides actionable information but also teaches and reinforces Auction Market / Market Profile trading concepts daily through multiple reports, both real-time and in review. These reports are archived for review. They are delivered before and after the close as well as during the day and are easily accessible through the Membership portal.

The Membership package is a monthly subscription ($97/mth). It’s features include:

A Morning Update that includes a review of futures/commodity markets. The best trading opportunities are highlighted and discussed.

Always featured are the stock index futures, crude and gold, because at least one of those contracts are among the contracts almost all traders trade.

Auction Market  / Market Profile levels are given and updated throughout the trading day both in the Live Trade Room and Community Forum (see details about the Community Forum below)

All trading time frames are included in this update. Swing/position trade opportunities as well as levels for intraday trading are highlighted.

Regular updates in the form of videos and/or written reports are sent whenever market conditions dictate.

The Live Room Activity Video and Chat Text is sent out each evening to every member. The benefit of this cannot be overstated. Regardless of the time frame you trade, or whether or not you can or choose to participate in the Live Room, the fact that every single thing I say or do in the room, as well as the complete Chat text is recorded, sent out and archived each day effectively makes this the equivalent of a daily training webinar on every aspect of trading imaginable.

The Live Trade Room is open from 8 AM until the cash market close every trading day. The trade set-ups, analysis, trading discussions are based in Auction Market / Market Profile Principles and Concepts. The room has a consistency and authenticity that cannot be found anywhere else.

The LTR serves as a collaborative effort on the part of myself AND the members to help each other identify trade opportunities during the day.

The LTR is also a wonderful and constant fount of knowledge related to all aspects of trading with the specific emphasis on Auction market concepts.

The room is composed of many very experienced traders with impressive professional trading backgrounds. However, it is a very welcoming place for those not as far along the learning curve and is an incredible opportunity for relatively new traders to see what trading is actually all about beyond the hype and marketing.

Member Forums

There is a Member Area that can be logged into anytime of day or night where members can collaborate, post charts and discuss trade ideas. There are designated Forums that are topic specific such as Forums for software programs that enable traders to be able to share and exchange chart setups, pages, receive help/tips and on that particular software.

There are specific Forums for Day Trading as well as swing/position trading.

There is a Forum designated specifically for questions to me – “Ask Tom”, in which I will answer your specific question(s) about a market or trading issue.

The resources available through the monthly membership are unmatched in any similar service.

It’s an incredible value at 97.00/mth.