Trader Mentoring: A Custom One-on-One Training Program


Our 12-Month Mentor Program Has One Vital Goal:

To develop a specific Trade Plan over a 12-month period that fits the goals and unique characteristics of the trader that yields a consistently positive return.

Since every client is different, I help each individual client to develop a specific Trade Plan that is tested and validated with either real or simulated trading to have a positive expectancy.

I trade multiple markets in various time frames including day trading, swing trading, and investing. I have distilled how I trade down to a detailed mentoring program designed to impart to you, in only one year, what it has taken me over 35 years to develop! I teach a specific methodology that I developed and refined over my thirty-five year career.

This is a thorough, comprehensive 12-month program taught one-on-one by myself (Tom Alexander), a veteran of screen based trading. I trade all markets (futures/commodities/equities, ETFs, FOREX and options) as a professional trader. I don’t “farm out”, or franchise my training. My experience and expertise in screed based trading is unmatched. This is a unique opportunity to develop a sound understanding of trading, markets and how to make it work for you, in only one year, that otherwise would take many years and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.

Benefits of the Alexander Mentoring Process

The Alexander Trading Market Profile Mentoring Program is designed to teach how to effectively use the Market Profile graph. The Market Profile graph is a unique trading tool that can be quite complex. This complexity often proves too daunting for the trader who doesn’t know how to use or where to go to learn to use it. This program addresses the issues I have found in my thirteen year experience of teaching traders how to use the Market Profile graph that almost all traders experience. This course is designed to teach the trader the value of the graph and why it is such a uniquely powerful tool, and to teach “best practices” in using the graph and trading in general.

You will learn how to apply different trading instruments including futures. ETFs and options to take advantage of market opportunity across multiple time frames.

Program Overview

Part 1. Introduction to the eSignal Market Profile Graph

  • What is this charting format telling me?
  • How is the MP Graph different from other charting formats, like bar charts, candlestick charts etc?
  • What are the letters that comprise the MP graph? What do they mean?
  • Why does the Market Profile Graph form such consistent shapes?
  • How can I begin to use the MP graph in my trading?

Part 2. The Background and Evolution of Market Profile

Market Profile Facts and Fallacies
Market Profile Terminology
The “ideal” Market Profile Trade

Part 3. Auction Market Principles and the Market Profile Graph

Why ANY graphing format is worthless without understanding how an Auction Market Develops
The two phases of Auction Market Development
The Three Step Auction Market Development Process
Understanding the concept of “Market Condition”

Part 4. Volume and Its Importance

Part 5. The Holy Grail of Positive Expectancy

Part 6. Trading Guidelines, Part A

Part 7. Trading Guidelines, Part B

Part 8. Using Time

Part 9. Behavioral Guidelines for Traders, Part A

Part 10. Behavioral Guidelines for Traders, Part B

Part 11. A Few Things Outside the Box

Part 12. Case Studies and Individual Trade Reviews

Part 13. Case Studies and Individual Trade Reviews

Why Engage in Mentoring?

It is the most efficacious path to learn to trade; the cost and time of mentoring is FAR less than trying to navigate the complexities of trading on your own.

It provides for accountability. When engaged in mentoring there is a specific structure that is followed and each step of the process is reviewed and mastered before the next step begins. Traders are individuals and a tremendous benefit of mentoring is that while the mentoring process does follow a specific structure, only through one-on-one mentoring can the process address the specific issues of that individual trader.

It is structured and focused; traders tend to be “all over the map” in their attempt to put something together that works. The structure of my mentoring process has been put to the test for over a decade through engaging and guiding traders of all types.

You will be mentored by ME, personally. I don’t hand you off to one of my “specially trained assistants”. I am personally vested in your success. We will meet at least weekly to review your assignments and your progress.

You will be shown what records need to be kept and HOW to keep them. You will be provided with the tools you need to track and measure your progress.

You will be shown procedures for cataloging trade opportunities you miss, and how to begin to identify opportunities as they unfold in advance.

All trading has to have as a foundation a positive expectancy. Positive expectancy, as you will learn in mentoring, depends on having outsized winning trades to losing trades. Every trade could be a losing trade, but every trade should have a reasonable expectation of yielding a multiple profit relative to the amount of risk in the trade. Gauge this opportunity the same way. You have a finite risk of one year and less money than many traders lose EVERY month. You have the possibility of an infinite return; you have the life-changing opportunity to trade profitably as long as you choose to trade.

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“One good mentor is more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decades income.”