Google and Apple: Market Profile / Auction Market Analysis

Apple remains in a strong bull trend. VALUE in all time frames continues to make higher highs.  Near-term support lies at 113.00.   Google is trading near the mid-point of its trading range for the past year and is below important resistance at 576.00 – 585.00 and support at 511.00 – 501.00. Near term resistance […]

Gold: Market Profile / Auction Market Analysis

Below is a long term chart of Gold. Gold is in a definitive downtrend and would need a close above 1326 to even bring into question the long term trend. I’ll update the intermediate term and shorter term time frames soon.  

Copper: Market Profile / Auction Market Analysis

We have been highlighting Copper as a best opportunity for the past few client reports. This is a detailed breakdown of the entire thought process. Long-Term Copper is trading below both the larger degree HVN as well as the HVN for 2014.   Below we can see a clear migration of VALUE to the downside. […]