Russell 2000: Market Profile / Auction Market Analysis

The Russell 2000 is often a key to any potential change in trend with the stock market as a whole. That has certainly been the case for the past 15-20 years. It has been in a long term Balance Area for over a year. In October it broke to the downside in what appeared at […]

Market Profile / Auction Market Analysis: Wheat and Gold

Here are examples of how to analyze markets using Market Profile / Auction Market concepts. It is important to note that you can analyze markets without a profile graph, but the profile graph is worthless unless it is viewed through the worldview of Auction Market concepts. Please click on the images to enlarge them. Wheat […]

(Another Reason) Why It’s So Difficult to Trade

If the realities of trading were accurately presented far fewer people would attempt to trade. I mean, who wants to actually have to work at something to gain proficiency? If that were the case we’d all be content being engineers, doctors, teachers, mechanics, lawyers, business owners, etc., etc. So please, don’t let the word get […]