Why Traders Trade Too Much

Almost all new traders trade too much. Probably most traders regardless of experience level trade too much. There is certainly more than one reason and here are a few of those reasons. It is how they are “trained”. Traders typically take courses, sit in chat rooms (worst possible venue for learning anything valid – blind […]

Is the Stress of Trading Killing You?

Most people are attracted to trading so they can take more direct control over their financial futures. Many of these people are attempting to escape the current stress of their present occupations and generally improve their lifestyle. Unfortunately, the vast majority of new traders jump from the frying pan into the fire. Based on the […]

Trade Opportunistically: Example

It may come as a stunning revelation to a lot of traders that there are actually markets to trade besides the S&P mini futures. As a matter of fact, the stock index futures over the past few years may have become the worst market(s) to trade of the universe of markets that offer  fantastic opportunity […]