I have known Tom Alexander for several years. I have attended and participated in several of his seminars. He is one of the few that I know who is qualified in the ‘value trading’ arena (market profile). I regularly recommend Alexander Trading services to our customers and contacts for mentoring.”

Don Jones, CISCO Futures


Tom Alexander is a long-time genuine student of the markets – unlike many trading educators who realize “hey I can sell someone this system and make a few bucks”. His style is down-to-earth and approachable. Most of all, his understanding of the by now classic theory of Market Profile and its continuing evolution sets him apart from many others who have hopped on the bandwagon.”

Denise Shull, President, Trader Psyches Inc.

I am a 64 year old Brit and have been day trading and swing trading futures markets for some 14 years since retiring from companies I created in Oxford back in the 60’s and grew through to the early 90’s. I had always wanted to try my hand at trading but never had the time required for total commitment and dedication during my mainline career. When I retired I was determined to create a real trading business which would at least cover my standard of living without the need for erosion of capital accumulated through 32 years of hard graft.

I have known Tom Alexander for some years. He was responsible for raising my trading performance to a much higher level after 6 years of being on the grueling learning curve which all traders reading this will be able to understand. I can say that Tom taught me about 80% of what is actually worth knowing for this endeavor. He lifted me out of the jungle of bull and hype and showed me the path to take for success. Tom is a wonderful educator and one of the most genuine and honest “real” traders I have ever had the pleasure to befriend.

Market Profile, breadth and volume studies are the basis of a sound map ( I personally also integrate with EWA and symmetry). Understanding the “context” of the position of any market at any given time is crucial to making the right trading decisions. You will not find a better teacher than Tom for providing the grounding needed to transcend your trading to a higher level.

You will not find that Tom is a carnival barker. In fact I can say that he is pretty useless at marketing himself and he knows that irritates me. He does not blandly call trades for traders to be lazy and remain incompetent for the rest of their trading lives. His service is designed to teach you to become independent. You have to do the real work yourself and that in my experience is the only worthwhile way forward.

Whether you are a novice trader of just 2 or 3 years experience or a fund manager I feel confident in saying you will gain value from time invested studying what Alexander Trading have to offer you. There are only a tiny minority of trading educators I could say this about in an industry fraught with hype and false promises. Tom A is a real trader and a long time educator. Tom A is a friend to whom I will always feel indebted.”

David (UK)

I have been a full-time trader for 15 years, and a client of Alexander Trading for the last 2 years. The educational resources, as well as, market commentary provided by AT are exceptional. During my time as a client, my trading has become more focused, more consistent, and more profitable. I believe this is a direct result of the resources provided by Tom and Troy.”

Steve A.

My account is up pretty significantly in the last few weeks undoubtedly due to a more effective methodology combined with my own experience has proven to be a lethal combination. After graduating from Yale and working for Philip Morris, USA 5 years ago trading has since become my full time job. It is something I have literally put 15-17 hours everyday for the last 5 years. Thus, it is something I take very seriously and look forward to being an Alexander Trading member for a long time.”

Olof T.

I have been a subscriber to Alexander Trading for the last 18 months and continue to be very impressed with the quality and professionalism of this service. Subscribing to it and participating in Tom Alexander’s one on one mentoring program have been the two most important steps I have taken to turn profitable as an individual trader.

Tom takes great pride in providing outstanding training courses and resources through online webinars. Courses are run on a regular basis, and past subscribers are encouraged to re-attend courses for free. The materials presented are concise, easy to understand and well documented and provide a trading methodology, that has a proven statistical edge and works in all markets and all time frames.

Tom also provides invaluable daily insights into his thinking on markets by publishing a nightly video and written report called the Daily Briefing and Strategy Analysis (DBSA). In this report Tom analyzes over a dozen different futures contracts and sharpens the trader’s focus on markets, that are most likely to provide good trading opportunities in the coming days. He also does a morning update around 8 am EST that takes into account overnight market developments. In addition, Harris runs an online trading room during the North American trading day which analyzes markets and provides trade ideas and management on a real time basis.

In summary, Alexander Trading sets the highest standards in this lightly regulated industry by providing a service that actually cares about the long term survival and success of its members and by providing its members with the tools to achieve that goal. If you are a serious student of the markets, this, in my opinion, is the best value for money service out there.”

Mike P.