Live Trade Room

Tom Alexander is offering monthly access to a Live Trade Room! This is a very different Trade Room:  It is focused and collaborative.

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“Walk-the-Walk” of Auction Market Trading in Real Time.


This subscription grants access to an Auction Market Trade Room. It is not a room of constant stream-of-consciousness market commentary. We (and I emphasize “we”) identify and post Auction Market Trade Set-ups. It is NOT a substitute for training, except through observation and participation of active Auction Market Traders who are sharing trade set-ups. It is a professional trading environment that displays in REAL-TIME Auction Market / Market Profile analysis, trade techniques, trade management including initial stops, trade management and stop adjustment, specific entry and exit techniques and much more. The room is moderated each day by Tom Alexander, a professional trader with thirty-four years of screen based trade experience. Many members have years of experience trading Auction Market Concepts providing leverage to room members.

Also, the transcript of the Live Room chat text is sent to each member in the evening as well as a video of activity and analysis from the room that day. This is an extremely unique learning tool!

Everything regarding markets that will be covered in this room is covered in the New Foundations Course, Trade Plan Applications Course, Trade Lessons and member webinars. This is an opportunity to see those concepts executed in real time, by real traders.

The Trade Room subscription is collaborative! The value of the room is the synergy created not only by my (Tom Alexander) participation by the participation of the members, many of whom are experienced professional traders. We maintain a professional environment but it is also welcoming and helpful.

Subscription Includes:

  • Access to the Live Trade Room as detailed above.
  • Access to the content included in our Future Market Analysis subscription.

How to Participate:

Trade Room Hours: 8:00 AM EST until 4:15 EST (Monday – Friday). 

Trade Room Subscription

  • Access to the Trade Room Subscription (including the Future Market Analysis subscription) until cancelled.


$79 / month Recurring


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