I have been trading for twenty-eight years. Trading is a profession. It is a difficult profession. It takes time, experience and investment in education to learn to trade.

Please understand some basic things you will either accept, or you will find out the difficult costly way:

First: There are no shortcuts. No one has a secret. If When you see “secret”, the person selling the secret is a carnival barker, guaranteed.

Second: Learn to trade before you start trading real money. Do not try to learn to trade using real money. You will lose it, I guarantee it.

The best thing to focus on for months and months is learning to trade. Software, trading platforms, what to trade , when to trade…all that becomes clear in the fullness of time.

No one knows how much money you can make trading. It is impossible to answer that question. You can answer it after you learn if you have kept good records.

No one can teach you to trade in a few days, a few weeks or a few months. If you are really lucky and happen to stumble across someone that actually teaches something that works, you may be able to begin showing some consistency in 9-12 months. If you have been trading for a number of years the timeframe may be a little shorter.

I’ll expound more on this topic in future blog posts.