Stock index futures are trading off their late afternoon bungee jump highs. Copper is weak…. we had suggested considering shorts against 34825-34850, which still looks ok.

The Australian Dollar continues to drip lower. The British Pound double topped today against the August 23 high and is currently trading near its session lows. The Canadian Dollar actually has a potential triple top working (8/21, 8,28 and today), and is also near its session lows. The US Dollar is rallying….8172-8184 is the immediate upside KRA. The Euro is down….consider favoring shorts against 12560-12570.

Oct. Crude is doing nothing…..Dec. Gold is off its highs but remains in a choppy two-sided trade between 1690 and just above 1700. Ideally for the bullish case Gold will not trade below 1687.50.

It is “early” and we’ll see how the above plays out overnight. As you are aware, everything can be turned upside down with one utterance from any number of a growing number of quarters.