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I’ve often pointed out that the best books about trading aren’t about trading. They are often on topics related to performance or thought process. One such book that immediately comes to mind is Daniel Kahnemans, “Thinking Fast and Slow”. I highly recommend it.

The same applies to videos. There are some really great videos not intended to be about trading but that are actually great “trading” videos.

Trading is vexing to most people because the majority of people drawn to trading are accomplished, intelligent people. Why can’t the same people that earned law degrees, medical degrees, engineering degrees, run businesses, etc., etc. learn to successfully trade? My theory is that it isn’t the student; it is the material the student is trying to learn from. It is how trading is presented and “taught”. The material almost all traders attempt to learn from does not provide for a solid foundation and if there is no rigorously derived foundation the remaining efforts from that point are doomed to fail. If you have a shaky foundation in your understanding of how markets work you simply cannot succeed.

What I am offering the trader is a step-by-step path to building their own Trade Plan. This starts with a sound foundation. My New Foundations and Trade Plan Development Course is designed eerily along the lines of the theme of this (non) trading video: