The S&P cash is struggling just below its all-time print high. Breadth is positive at + 747, but unless it can begin to expand its doubtful the present rally will hold.

The Russell 2000/TF continues to show relative weakness which is an overall negative. It will need to show more upside participation to confirm much additional rally in the Dow/YM, S&P/ES and Naz 100/ENQ. The Naz is trading well, so far, so that piece of the puzzle goes on the bullish side of the ledger.

Some push and pull is not unexpected since the S&P is just below that psychologically important all-time high. What happens if/when that level is taken out should be interesting. At this point there is no way to know if it will be a “sell the news” reaction or if we’ll see upside acceleration. Trade like Jack: Nimble and Quick.