The four primary US Stock Market Indices are getting hit, and hard, as I write this. The next two hours of trading may be the most important two hours since the bull market began four years ago.

I have presented several webinars over the past six weeks discussing the signals that have been given at every significant stock market top going back at least thirty years. Most of those tops gave two of the three signals, not all three. All three signals of a potential important change in trend have been triggered by the indices today.

At 5:00 PM, EST I am giving a webinar to update the situation and outline potential trade strategy on how to trade the indices based on today’s sell signal. It is for member’s only.

A thirty day trial membership is only 97.00. If you sign up for the trial we will send you a link to today’s Live Webinar. It will be recorded so it you can’t attend it live you will receive the recording just a few minutes after the session complete.

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