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Thank you for signing up for this introductory trading course. It will give you a good, general overview into what Alexander Trading is all about. Everything I trade, and all the educational material I produce, is based on the immutable principles of how Auction Markets work. It is my firm belief that to succeed at any level of trading and regardless of timeframe or asset traded, one MUST have a thorough understanding of how markets work, and why they work the way they do. There are a lot of changes markets have experienced just in the 38 years I have been trading. Volume has exploded, the use of derivatives has increased dramatically, and continues to do so. Market access and transparency has never been greater.

BUT…what HAS NOT CHANGED is the Auction Market Process of Development!

You will notice these presentations are 10+ yrs. old. I have given thought to reproducing them. However, there is not one single thing in these presentations that has changed or is now not relevant or accurate.

It is comforting as a trader to know that your market worldview is timeless and extraordinarily robust!

Your feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated: