I thought for sue we’d see a wind wide range day in the indices. Unless something dramatic happens in the last hour it is going to be the opposite of “wide range”, which will set up Monday as a strong candidate for “wide range”.

If the indices close at or near their lows today it is bearish!

Gold is holding up but I still think new lows are in the cards sooner rather than later.

US Notes and Bonds remain well bid.

British Pound, Aussie $, Canada $ at their lows as I write this; I’ve been suggesting trading these from shorter term time frames (120, 60, 30m), but the CONVICTION now sure looks lower. Euro FX is a chopfest. US Dollar is strong; we suggested favoring the long side in the pre-mkt. report.

I’ll have the DBSA out no later than early Sunday evening.

Have a great weekend!