Here are examples of how to analyze markets using Market Profile / Auction Market concepts. It is important to note that you can analyze markets without a profile graph, but the profile graph is worthless unless it is viewed through the worldview of Auction Market concepts.

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From the long-term perspective Wheat is trading in the HVN (High Volume Node) of the 2007-2010 auction.  Unless Wheat can close above the 2014 HVN high that presently resides near 5.76 the trend on the Long-term remains down.








A close above 5.44 on the weekly chart is a signal of a potential change in trend. Traders can use the 5.44 KRA area to look for short trade set-ups utilizing 2-3 day structure and/or intraday trade structure.








The daily perspective corroborates the relative importance of the 5.40-5.52 KRA (Key Reference Area). Also note that Wheat has traded to the upper extreme at the next important downside KRA at 5.10-4.98.









VALUE in Gold is in a downtrend. From the perspective of the long-term chart below Gold would have to close above about 1334 as an initial signal of a long-term change in trend.







Below is the intermediate term view of gold that show clearly the importance of the 1263-1334 HVN.







As we drill down a bit the 1204-1229 HVN is revealed as an important HVN. A close above 1229 is an early initial signal of a potential change in trend.







The short term view of gold shows that it is trading in an HVN. The trend is down in all time frames, so being consistent with a good general “rule” of always favoring trades in the direction of the larger degree migration of VALUE, one might consider short trade set-ups against the 1164 area.