I am extremely excited to announce my new six-part trading course, New Foundations for Auction Market Trading. It you are serious about trading this is a “must” course for you to take. Whether or not you presently use Auction Market Concepts / Market Profile in your trading this course will add tremendous value to you as a trader. It is not the typical paint-by-the-numbers, I have a magic secret, set-up gimmick nonsense that is constantly foisted on the public trader.

This is the synthesis of thousands of hours sitting in front of a screen and trading (I have been a screen based trader for 28 years and counting). Over the past nine years I have researched and defined how I trade into a structured, defined methodology that can be applied to any market in any timeframe.

The course will consist of six sections, with each section being present live beginning next Tuesday. The live sessions will run about three hours each. They will be recorded and clients will have access to those recordings for further review and study. A written trading manual will accompany each section.

You can sign-up and find additional details here. Also, feel free to call me personally at 312-241-1056 if you have questions or would like more detail about me or the course.