It may come as a stunning revelation to a lot of traders that there are actually markets to trade besides the S&P mini futures. As a matter of fact, the stock index futures over the past few years may have become the worst market(s) to trade of the universe of markets that offer  fantastic opportunity almost every day. This applies to all time frames, whether one is a die-hard day trader or swing trades.

One of the biggest improvements we often see in our client’s trading can be traced to the fact that we teach them a methodology that is robust – it applies to all markets in all time frames and can be applied the same in Corn as in the S&P as in Gold. We attempt to aid in our clients efforts to become “opportunistic” traders by providing two daily reports that reviews two dozen or more markets and provides commentary about where the best opportunities for that day (Pre-Market Report) or the next day (Daily Briefing and Strategy Analysis) may lie.

Here is a link to the Pre-Market Report for Tuesday, March 25.

Here is a link to a Trade Lesson sent to clients that uses an example of a potential trade from the Pre-Market Report from Tuesday.

These are examples of the resources we provide to our clients in helping them identify actionable opportunities as well as continuing to reinforce the methodology we teach by providing regular Trade Lessons.

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