The US stock indices have been in a torrid run from last November’s lows. We have been tracking a price/Breadth pattern that has consistently identified the few good buy points in this rally. The chart below was posted to our Member’s Blog a few days ago:

The drop from yesterday’s top to the Globex low as I write this is 3.16%. IF the bull trend is still intact further downside price excursion should be relatively mild.

I am giving a one-hour webinar update for Alexander Trading Members after the market closes at 4:30 PM, EST. It will be recorded. I am going to cover:

  • Is a top in place
  • What’s next and how to trade it
  • The significance of some historical analogies to the present market
  • Simple (and free – you already have them) tools to use to trade stock index futures and stock index ETF proxies in all time frames
  • Why fewer and fewer traders make money trading the stock index futures and what you can do to be one of the few

If you are not a member the cost is 97.00, but that includes thirty days of all of our services including twice daily reports, and Member’s Blog that is frequently updated with critical information and access to a Live Trade Room.

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