The University of Alabama just won the college football National Championship by defeating the University of Georgia in an epic final game. Alabama has now won five of the last eight National Championships, and has played in the finals six of the last eight years. Why?

Alabama has the best players, and that is because they recruit better than any other team. Why? Alabama has maybe the best college football coach of all time, but they also have incredible position coaches. Why? Alabama has state of the art training facilities – practice fields, indoor practice facilities, weight rooms, medical staff, trainers, dietitians and academic tutors. Why?

There are other college football programs that can match Alabama’s financial commitment, and do so. Some are in the same conference (the SEC). What is the single biggest difference between the results of those programs and the extraordinary results of Alabama?

Process. Alabama has the most thorough process of any college sports team, ever. Nick Saban’s genius is in hard work and planning. There is a plan in place for every single aspect of Alabama’s football program. No detail is too small or is ever overlooked. They have a PLAN for everything. They take planning and process to a level way beyond that of other college football programs.

By the way, the University of Georgia football team that lost to Alabama in this year’s National Championship game has a coach who is in his second year as a head coach, Kirby Smart. How/why was Kirby Smart able to do something that the University of Georgia had been unable to do for 35 years? Here is a hint: He worked for Nick Saban for thirteen years before becoming the head coach at Georgia. He is applying a process he learned from a master.

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