What is the best timeframe to trade? Should you daytrade, or position trade? How do you define “best”?

Note that daytrading and position trading are not “methods”, they are time frames. Is one time frame better than another?

If better means greatest chance of success, then position trading wins, hands-down. The shorter the time frame you trade the less likely you are to be successful. There are studies on the subject you can look up. It is also my experience in my own trading as well as having viewed and worked with other traders for twenty-eight years.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t daytrade, or learn to daytrade. But you do need to know the facts about what you are trying to do before you get into it. I daytrade and many if not most of my clients daytrade. I just know what I’m facing when I do daytrade and so do my clients.

We trade and teach the same consistent method and use the same philosophy to daytrade as we do for all other timeframes. We teach the importance of trade location as defined by Auction Market Principles and we emphasize taking trades with asymmetrical potential reward to the risk that must be assumed to allow the trade to develop or be invalidated.
One could say we position trade but in the day timeframe. In addition to raising the expectancy of our daytrading it brings consistency, patience and discipline into play, qualities a lot of traders struggle to obtain.

“Market Profile” has increasingly become an excuse to trade frenetically in the intraday timeframe. That is a gross disservice to Auction Market Principles. It is a costly mistake.