Almost all new traders trade too much. Probably most traders regardless of experience level trade too much. There is certainly more than one reason and here are a few of those reasons.

It is how they are “trained”. Traders typically take courses, sit in chat rooms (worst possible venue for learning anything valid – blind leading the blind) and peruse the internet. The vested interests in the trading industry – exchanges and brokers are transaction based enterprises – the more trading there is the more money they make. They are not rewarded for the success of their clients; they are rewarded by how much their client’s trade.

Traders are also “trained” by trading educators, software vendors, platform vendors and others in the industry to think there is a magic bullet that is the key to trading success. Oh, and they are the ones that can give you and a tightknit group of tens of thousands that special secret.

As a corollary to both of the above reasons that traders trade too much is that they simply don’t know how to be more discriminatory in their trading. They have a sense that they might miss the big opportunity at any moment so they jump in and out all day long on little more than a whim. Learning to be selective and knowing exactly what you are looking for requires knowledge very few traders have.

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