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on Market Profile & Auction Market Trading by Tom Alexander.


Welcome to Tom Alexander’s blog! Check back often as I post trade reports and helpful trading articles.

Special Report: US Stock Market(s), January 26, 2018

“Market Profile” was designed to visually display one thing, one REALITY: The Auction Market Process. You cannot understand the incredible amount of information to be discerned from the MP graph without understanding the Auction Process. Auction Markets have one purpose – to facilitate trade in as an efficient manner as possible. This purpose is fulfilled […]

What the College Football National Championship Game Teaches about Trading

The University of Alabama just won the college football National Championship by defeating the University of Georgia in an epic final game. Alabama has now won five of the last eight National Championships, and has played in the finals six of the last eight years. Why? Alabama has the best players, and that is because […]

Trade Lesson: Should I Short the Nasdaq? October 18, 2017

I received a question from a mentoring client a few days ago asking my opinion about shorting the Nasdaq.   Long Answer: If you want to be a trader your goal has to be to develop a Trade Plan that has a positive expectancy. The requirements for developing a Trade Plan with a positive expectancy […]